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Crossland High School
Class Of 1972

9/29/2017:  The 45th Reunion Weekend is in the history books.  Thanks to all who participated.  It was a great weekend.  A Recap and photos are posted on the "45th Reunion Photos" menu link on the left side.  Or, you can click here to go directly to the page.

9/29/2014: Here's a special treat, courtesy of Scott Casto, class of '71.  His Dad took this video of the '71 Homecoming game from November, 1970.  Scott had it converted to digital to preserve it for the ages.  How many faces and jersey numbers do you recognize?   We were lowly juniors that year, but, no doubt, many of us were on the field, in the stands, in the band, or doing cheers and pom poms.  Click here to go to Picasa website to view the video.


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One of our biggest challenges is holding on to the site members we already have as people change email accounts and internet providers.  Each time we send out a mass email, a few "old" addresses bounce back as undeliverable.  Below are the members we have "lost" because we no longer have a valid email address.  If you are on this list or you know how we can contact them, please let us know and we will help get their CHS 72 page up to date.  Thanks.

Jean Colbert (Thomas), Patricia Holland (Budd), Cindy Carlson (Atkins), John Gray, Pamela Anderson, Timothy Hanley, Wendell Kopf, Cindy McClelland (Michael), Kathleen McManus (Kyler), Mary Dale Grayson (Morris)

Check out this cool You Tube video with a nostalgic tour through Hyattsville and upper PG County in the 60s.  Great background music and sound from WPGC AM 1580.  Brings back lots of memories!!!    Enjoy...






CHS Alumni attend 6/17/2013 Golf Tournament Benefit at Twin Shields Country Club, Dunkirk MD.  Go to the Misc Photos link for the full photo and caption with last names of most participants.


3/13/13: Check out "Old Photos" link for Princeton Elementary School, Grades 1-6 class photos.  Can be found in pre-Crossland years photo gallery as photos 6-12.

Thanks to Sharon Jenkins (Mills) for sending them in.  Princeton Elementary was off of Auth Road.  How many faces do you recognize???  

If you are in contact with any fellow classmates who are on the "Missing" page, please send them the link to this site or send their contact info to

Welcome to the Crossland High Class Of 1972 web site.

Welcome Home!!! This is a protected site where we can meet up once again, keep up with reunion events and other planned meetings of classmates, see what everybody has been up to, and just have fun.


The 40th Reunion of the Crossland High School Class of 1972  was held the weekend of October 5-7, 2012 at Damon's Grill and Sports Bar and the Clarion Hotel in Waldorf MD.  By all accounts, it was a great success and a good time was had by all.

Click on the "40th Reunion Photos" link on the main left navigation bar to see the photos from all 3 weekend events


Check back on this site  often as new photos are posted, "missing" classmates are found, and profiles are updated.