Special thanks to the following Classmates who provided voluntary monetary donations to the Reunion planning efforts.  Your contributions will ensure the success of this year's event and will help sustain our planning and communication efforts for the future.

2017 Donors:

Jim and Therese (Kerns) Ballard

Roy and Lori Basa

Anita (Burcham) Reid

Linda (Burgess) and Tim Saffell

Tony DiGiovanni

Gerry Feeney

Jill (Gaines) Ownsby

Randy Gann

Tom and Jerean Hutchinson

Beth (Jones) Cranmer

Debbie Kathy (Mayer) and John Vassallo

Scott McKay

Dolores 'Cid' (Mona) Green

Darlene (Price) Register

Ray and Jillian Short

Carol (Stolz) and George Owens

Evonne (Thomas) Crocker

Ron Thomasson

Robby Walker

Nancy Watson

Randy and Karen Weightman

Donna (Young) and Tom Dannessa


Past Year Donors:

Carol Curtis,  Wendell and Mary Dean, Tony DiGiovanni, Sherri (Herath) Curcio, Virginia (Herr)  Wise,  Tom and Jerean Hutchinson, Sue (Hutchinson) Menna, Beth (Jones)  Cranmer, Billy Klein, Dolores (Mona) Green, Don and Darlene (Price) Register, Pat Ryan, Ray Short, Nancy Watson, Randy and Karen Weightman